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This is where you’ll find and learn about all things shoreline-related, from docks, boathouses and permits to invasive species, beach health and more.

The information is well-researched and well-delivered so smart decisions and sound plans will be easier to make. You’ll have more success conserving shoreline health and you’ll know what to do to make sure your lake thrives into the future.

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The Good, the Bad and the Invasive

Did you know that the second largest threat to biodiversity is invasive species? That’s right after habitat loss. Non-native species can come from other countries or from right here in Canada. And while some of these non-native species can actually be beneficial, some...

Saved by the Boat! Learn How to Avoid Damaging Boating Practices

Sunny skies, subtle waves and fresh air — all the components of a great day on your boat. Boating is a favourite past time of many, but some people don’t know that improper boating practices can have damaging effects on their lake.  But it doesn't have to be! Learn...

5 Ways to a Healthy Shoreline

But if it’s not taken care of, our actions can also result in erosion, loss of wildlife habitat and…

Oh Crap! Take Care of That Septic System

Even though they’re out of sight, it is important not to forget about them.

Love Your Lake

Cruising out on the open water having the warm summer breeze blow by as the boat putts along…

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