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Permits & Approvals


Shoreline development, redevelopment, renovations and refreshes often require permits or approvals. Below are some helpful contacts to get you started.

The Fisheries Act

This prevents projects that harmfully alter or disrupt fish habitat and projects that lead to the release of harmful substances into fish-filled water. Determine if your project is subject to The Fisheries Act.


Species at Risk Act

This prohibits a project that leads to the killing, harming, harassment, possession, capturing or taking of endangered or threatened species or their habitat. For more information on SARA, please visit this Guide.

DFO is responsible for the protection of aquatic species at risk. Click here for more information.


Canadian Navigable Waters Act

Administered by Transport Canada, the NPA “authorizes and regulates interferences with the public right of navigation.” If you’re planning a project that takes place in, on, under, over or through navigable waters, this Act applies to you. For more information, click here. These FAQ’s are another helpful resource.


Provincial and Territorial Requirements

Not sure if your project requires permits or approvals from your province or territory? Contact the proper agency from this contact list and find out.


Municipal Requirements

Your project may also require permits or approvals from your local municipality. Contact your local municipality for more details.

Meeting the terms of all existing laws and regulations is your responsibility. Adhering to them is good for the environment, and very good for you: you’ll avoid costly errors and fines, perhaps even jail time.

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