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This is where you’ll find and learn about all things shoreline-related, from docks, boathouses and permits to invasive species, beach health and more.

The information is well-researched and well-delivered so smart decisions and sound plans will be easier to make. You’ll have more success conserving shoreline health and you’ll know what to do to make sure your lake thrives into the future.

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11 Activities Lake Groups and Their Members Can Participate in for a Healthy Lake

One of the functions of lake groups is to implement programs that will rally shoreline property owners to help protect lake health and biodiversity. If you are looking for ways to engage property owners on your lake, there are many programs and activities that you can...

Turn Off the Lights!

We keep learning how artificial light impacts wildlife. While many species can be affected, migratory birds are particularly sensitive to lights left on at night. Migratory Bird Calls A recent study looked at the impact of light pollution at night and how this...

How Lake Associations Can Get Involved in Love Your Lake

We often hear from lake association members who are interested in having Love Your Lake delivered on their lake. This makes us very happy! Perhaps the lake association heard about the Love Your Lake program from a friend, a neighbour or they found our website while...

Protecting Your Gardens, Lawn…and Your Lake

Many people work hard to have a lush, green lawn.  It’s a labour of love for many – the mowing, raking, weeding, fertilizer and pesticide applications – it brings a definite sense of pride. But did you know that what we do on our properties can impact the health of...

Natural is Beautiful

Your shoreline was meant to be naturally beautiful. Naturalized shorelines are cost-effective, ecologically responsible, stunning and they add value to your property. They’ll also provide welcome natural habitat for wildlife. Below are a series of before and after...

Has Your Lake Been Part of the Love Your Lake Program?

Have you downloaded your shoreline property report? If you have, great! That’s the first step in learning what actions you can take on your own property to improve your shoreline health and lake health. What’s even better is that it doesn’t have to take a lot of...

You Can Assess the Health of Your Shoreline

Use this self-assessment tool to understand how to improve your shoreline.

3 Easy Things to Do For Your Shoreline Property in 3 Years

Actions you can take that will improve your shoreline.

Coordinating Love Your Lake in Muskoka

Muskoka is a uniquely beautiful part of Canada.

Assessing Lakes in Saskatchewan

Last summer I was given the opportunity to participate in the Love Your Lake Program.

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