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What equipment do we use? How do we collect data? How do we protect confidentiality? How do property owners get their reports? What does it cost to be a regional partner?

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There’s nothing like a trip to the cottage after a long week, watching the kids playing in the water, carving the kayak paddle through calm clear water, watching the beautiful sunset or listening to the loons. But how do we keep our shorelines and lakes healthy so that they can be enjoyed today and in the future?

Love Your Lake has the answers, and your lake can be part of the community of lakes across Canada that are already working to improve the health of their shorelines and their lakes.

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Thinking about becoming a Love Your Lake Regional Partner? Here is some information to get you started, like what the program entails and your role in making it successful.


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Have your lake surveyed with Love Your Lake. If your lake is selected, every property will be assessed from a boat following specific criteria so there will be no disturbance to you.

The following spring you’ll be able to download your personalized shoreline property report providing you with helpful information on improving the health of your shoreline and your lake!

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Volunteering with Natural Edge

Natural Edge is a Watersheds Canada program that ensures the well-being of freshwater bodies for wildlife and future generations alike.

The program works with lake associations and shoreline property owners to assist them in the rehabilitation of their shoreline.

As a volunteer, you will join us in planting a shoreline and get an up-close look at the importance of a natural shoreline to plants, habitat and a healthy lake.

Every shoreline rehabilitation can make a difference; help make a difference today.

If you would like to get involved and help us restore a shoreline, please contact Watersheds Canada.

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