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A shoreline evaluation program

Now that you’ve had your lake assessed and have downloaded the report generated on your property, we’d love to know if you’ve taken any action, or intend to take any action, on implementing the ideas and improving your shoreline. We’d appreciate it if you could provide us some information on what steps you’ve taken to Love Your Lake! Thanks in advance.

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Survey Questions

1. Which of the following apply to you?
Permanent residentSeasonal residentOwn vacant propertyOperate a farmOperate a businessOther

2. How long have you or your family been on your lake?

Your Input into your Shoreline Report

3. Rate the usefulness of your personalized pages:
Not UsefulUsefulVery UsefulDon't Know
4. Rate the usefulness of the Shoreline Information Resource:
Not UsefulUsefulVery UsefulDon't Know

5. Was there any information missing from the report you might have found useful and recommend adding?

6. How would you rate your knowledge of healthy shorelines before reading this report?

7. How would you rate your knowledge of healthy shorelines after reading this report?
Much more knowledgeableSomewhat more knowledgeableUnchanged

8. After being a part of the Love Your Lake program and reviewing your personal property report, will you take action on your property?
No action requiredNoMaybeDefinitely

9. What actions have you taken, or do you intend to take? (check all that apply)

10. List any barriers you have encountered to taking action (check all that apply)
CostLack of timeLack of informationNot a priority

11. I would recommend to other shoreline property owners on my lake to order and read their personal property reports.

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