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A shoreline evaluation program


We’d love to know what you thought of the program, the property report and whether or not you do things around your property differently because of it!

Any publication of results will be based upon collective data and not the input of any individual.

Thank you for your time!

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  Your Input into your Shoreline Report
  3. Rate the usefulness of each part of the report:
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Property Report
Shoreline Information Resource

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How would you rate your knowledge of healthy shorelines before reading this report?
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How would you rate your knowledge of healthy shorelines after reading this report?

  Question - Not Required - 6. After being a part of the Love Your Lake program and reviewing your personal property report,
will you take action on your property?

  7. What actions have you taken, or do you intend to take? (check all that apply)
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Plant native trees and shrubs.
Leave a strip of vegetation along my shoreline. The bigger the strip the better!
Stop using fertilizers.
Leave woody debris.
Leave aquatic vegetation.
Have my septic system or holding tank inspected and pumped regularly.
Soften my retaining wall by planting vegetation along the top of the wall.
Choose an environmentally-friendly dock.
Install eavestroughs.
Direct downspout water to a rain barrel or to a natural catch basin.

  Question - Not Required - 8. List any barriers you have encountered to taking action (check all that apply)

  Question - Not Required - 9. I would recommend to other shoreline property owners on my lake to order and read their
personal property reports.

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